Sjoerd Lagarde
Hi, my name is Sjoerd Lagarde. I am an enthusiastic software engineer at Quintiq with a great passion for Artificial Intelligence.

Check out some of my awesome projects.


I participated in the International Micro Air Vehicle conference and competitions together with a team from the Radboud University Nijmegen. We researched and implemented a biological inspired mechanism to have a Parrot AR.Drone fly 8-shaped figures around two colored poles. The YouTube video shows our drone fighting for third place.

Digit Recognition

I trained a neural network to recognize hand-written digits. In contrast to most neural network demonstrations, this network is available as a web application and requires no special plugins to run.

Bridge Builder

Together with two Master students, I implemented an evolutionary algorithm to create bridges for the highly addictive game Bridge Builder. The algorithm came up with some surprising results; a very complex bridge and a very simple bridge.


In the BrainJS project I built a web-based GUI for an open-source neural network library. The GUI provides an easy way to create, train, save and load neural networks.


The CEGA project is a graph visualization plugin that uses evolutionary algorithms to visualize data in Cytoscape, an open-source bio-informatics software platform. The plugin is flexible and highly extendable.